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Big News and Bigger Thanks to You

Big News and Bigger Thanks to You

Those who helped me finish Potter’s Child are remarkable people who made it possible to transform my ideas, thoughts, and research into helpful learning resources. Thank you so much to the amazing people who gave their time so that Potter’s Child might have an even more significant impact on its readers. I was able to put together this book for your benefit thanks to the help of many kind people who shared their experiences and knowledge.

I can’t express my gratitude to Barbara Hemphill enough. Months before this book was published, we first met at a gathering. I had a lot of thoughts about my job and my kids flying through my head. I was on the verge of turning around and going home. I reasoned that my absence wouldn’t be noticed by anyone. 

Then again, I kept telling myself it wasn’t acceptable to RSVP and then not show up, especially for a friend eager to give me free advice when I started a small business. Barbara took me under her wings for months, patiently reading my brain dumps and guiding me to completion. Oh! What a journey of life-changing events.

I was certain that Kevin White of Spirit Media would publish my book as soon as we spoke. Kevin and I share the same vision. The goal of this book is God’s glory. We are but clay in the hands of the potter. Kevin and I shared the same belief that God should “steal my show” and take control.

I am able to hold a book I can be proud of—for his glory—thanks to his team, Carleen Bryon, Marj, Carol, and Jay! I am grateful and appreciative of this team because God provided a solution, as he always does, and I am grateful for this team.

Thanks to you, Dr. Paul for your invaluable contribution. Jesus Calls Ministry played a significant role in my life. I was nine when I first started hearing Dhinakaran’s teachings. We had cassettes of the music playing at home and I’ve read Jesus Calls magazine. I have attended the life-altering rallies staged in Malaysia by Brother Paul Dhinakaran years later, even after his dad passed away.

I have read the online devotionals up to this point; their words served as beacons of hope and a balm to my troubled soul when I was a young adult. Meeting Brother Paul, Sister Evangeline, and their lovely children in person in Dallas was a wonderful experience.  The gracious contribution of Dr. Paul to Chapter One: The Power of Prayer is God’s way of demonstrating to me that He goes above and beyond what we can conceive or ask for.  I also want to thank Praveen, who made this possible as he helped me gather this contribution.

Thanks to my dear professors from the University of Texas at Dallas, I want to convey my gratitude for facilitating an environment in which I could articulate my ideas and watch them grow into something concrete. My confidence was bolstered by Professor Bryan Chambers, who gave me the go-ahead to deliver my “elevator pitch” as part of the Start-Up Launch Project. My participation in Professor Robert Wright’s Start-Up Launch Program was made possible by the opportunity he provided. When Professor Wright gave me the assignment to read “Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls” and told me to write my story on the blank pages found at the back of the book, he prompted me to think beyond my initial intentions. I wrote my story on the pages that were found at the back of the book. The experiences of historical women broadened my perspective and introduced new avenues of inquiry. Teachers are significant figures in our lives, and I am blessed to have had him as a professor.

Words are not enough to thank these wonderful and amazing experts who have contributed so much in the making of this book.

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