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Family By Blood: Always Remember Who You Are

Family By Heart Whom I Love Dearly

I love my family by blood and my nuclear family to bits, and I am really lucky to have blood-related family and family via marriage in my life.  While I value my biological and marital relatives highly, I also have many friends who I consider to be members of my family by heart and whom I love dearly.

To Jane Rowland, the wife of my pastor at Trinity Church in Dallas, I am also very thankful. Jane and her family prayed fervently for me to have a baby for years. When my Pastor came to the hospital to pray for my daughter Sophia who was admitted to the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit), he told me that Jane insisted that he visit Sophia. My baby girl was discharged from the hospital the very next day. Indeed, there’s power in prayer; power in Jane’s prayers!

I owe Jessica Arriaga, who did a lot of the book’s research, an enormous debt of gratitude! She is not an ordinary friend; she is a special individual whom I have worked with since college. 

Jessica painted an exquisite mural on the wall of my Rockwall, Texas event space. I treasure her affection and friendship. She is the kind of friend who would go the extra mile for a friend, even literally; she drove me to the hospital during a medical emergency. I was able to deliver my twins safely because she was ready to drive all the way back for me, despite living over 45 minutes away from where I resided. I feel privileged to have collaborated with her on this book. She is currently studying to become a pediatrician, and she will be an absolute blessing wherever she goes. She is exceptional in numerous ways. She represents a Potter’s Child.

Thank you for the support and countless lessons I have learned throughout life dear family, friends near and far, teachers, bosses, pastors, and acquaintances (a big part of this book). I will forever be grateful to the contributors who weren’t directly involved. Both positive and negative life lessons were applied. I am also grateful to all those who allowed me to experience bad habits; unknowingly giving me examples which I could use. I read a funny sign once which said, “You have the right to remain silent around me, anything you say can be used in my next book.” This quote brought a wide smile to my face when I first read it, it is quite true.

I am so very happy that my book POTTER’S CHILD is finally available for all parents, would-be parents, teachers, uncle and aunts, grandparents, and all adults who are holding themselves responsible for the upbringing of each child in their circle. After all, It takes a village to raise a child. 

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