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My Cup Overflows, It Spills to My Eyes

My Cup Overflows, It Spills to My Eyes

The process of writing a book is both more challenging and more fulfilling than I had anticipated. I believe that the potential of POTTER’S CHILD reaching each home is all worth the sleepless nights.  I still have plenty of names on my list that I have to thank, and I would like to take this chance to mention them so that even in this simple way I can let the world know how immensely thankful I am for them. My heart sings with gratitude for these special women. My cup overflows.

In particular, I’d like to thank Binu Samuel, one of the authors of the devotional “Quest for More” and a close friend of mine. Additionally, she is a writer for the Proverbs 31 ministry. In the first chapter, she shares her testimony, which is a lovely account of how God uses His children to bless each other. Her husband blessed a man with shoes, but we, as believers who frequently hear people question the efficacy of prayer, are blessed by his testimony. I am very grateful for this tale, and I know that someone will be impacted by reading it. In Chapter 3, I also highlighted two adolescent guys who were filling the dishwasher; these well-raised boys are her children. Regarding parenting, I have much to learn from Binu and her husband Sunil. My cup overflows.

Binu Samuel

I would also like to express gratitude to Dr. Elizabeth R Thomas, a dear friend whom I met through mutual friends. Some people leave lasting impressions in our hearts and Dr. Thomas whom we fondly call Betsy is one of them. Her willingness to help, love for Jesus and humility is what draws me to her. I had the privilege to attend Bible classes and read the beautiful devotional “Quest for More” which she co authored and I am thankful for her contribution as a pediatrician and mom for this book. Her contributions will be a blessing for families who struggle to make time to pray.

Dr. Elizabeth R. Thomas

I must thank Kalpana Parajothy for her creative illustrations. Kalpana was probably twelve or younger when I first met her at The Temple of Fine Arts, a renowned dance and music academy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Kalpana walks, talks and breathes art. She is an art teacher who also completed her master’s in music in Ireland. I was thrilled to work together with her to discuss the illustrations. Life is full circle, the little girl I used to exchange smiles within the hallway before dance classes is now a team member for my meaningful project. Thank you, Kalpana!

Kalpana Parajothy

I very much appreciate Me Ra Koh who allowed me to share her powerful message about suicide in Chapter 1. I was in tears when I first heard Me Ra’s story at a women’s networking event, and I immediately purchased her book. I appreciated her candor and her willingness to discuss topics that are taboo for most people. Me Ra’s story will heal many broken hearts and for that I am thankful for her willingness to help my readers. Her books about photography and her recent book “4 Minutes to Hear God’s Voice” are powerful; packed with nourishment for the soul. My cup overflows.

Me Ra Koh

Ladies, I want you to know that when I count my blessings, I count you twice because that’s how blessed I am to know you, and it’s an even more wonderful miracle to work with such beautiful souls. I will be eternally grateful.

My cup overflows, it spills to my eyes.

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