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Potter's Child

by Stephanie Mathews

All of us have good and bad habits, and children exposed to all our practices will mimic us. So, how do we teach children to pick good habits from the people they are surrounded by? How do we bring back the basics to a culture that heavily emphasizes accolades and higher education but is crumbling without sound, valuable old-school principles? What should we practice and model as examples, and how can we teach our children?

We must be willing to be the clay in the potter’s wheel first – ready to be shaped and molded to be the best versions of ourselves so our children can emulate what they observe. Then, it is our responsibility to guide our children to learn life skills and to build those skills into habits that benefit them and those surrounded by them lifelong. We won’t be around to protect and nurture our children throughout their lives, but the gift of faith will, so it is essential to leave faith with them to be their navigator and moral compass throughout life. “Life without Christ is a hopeless end; life with Christ is an endless hope.”


About Stephanie

A Potter’s child, physician’s wife, twin mom, businesswoman, volunteer, and a philomath. Stephanie Mathews was born in Malaysia but lived and worked in Singapore, South Korea, London, India, and her home country. Finally, she settled in Dallas, Texas, with her husband and “miracle twins.” Stephanie brings readers a vast experience from her life’s paths and travel journeys, including lessons learned through adversity and trials. With her law, business education, and creative backgrounds, Stephanie is always pursuing an escapade.She was part of the StartUp Launch Program at the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) in 2017, where she presented her business idea to seven Dallas investors in a “mini shark tank” session. Potter’s child is the“science” behind her board game invention, soon to be released after this book’s publication.


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